About Us


GEOVERTICE, S.R.L. is a company incorporated in the Dominican Republic in 2004.

Our main activities are:

  • 3D-Laser Scanning (HDS) “High Definition Surveying”.
  • Overall geodesic and topographical studies.
  • Civil and Architectural projects control.
  • Surveying in Site Supervision.

We are specialized in detailed and high definition surveying, and topographical control. By the means of precision equipment and techniques, we provide a growing number of projects requiring high detail support.

Over the years, we have gained the trust and recognition of the local market thanks to our reliability and commitment in delivering high quality and timely products.

In line with the nature and scope of the project, we count with the support and collaboration of complementing professionals in geology, hydrogeology, civil engineering and architecture.

Regardless of our basic and simple work structure, we are keen in using the latest measurement equipment and software. This allows a direct involvement with the project and a transparent relationship with the client. Our recipe to gaining the trust of many clients with whom we have been working for over the years.